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The Brick Store

Hi and welcome to "The Brick Store". This is the place to easily order sample bricks or small orders of brick tiles (e.g. under 10 sq. m). For large orders of bricks for residential or commercial construction the brick store is not the place to transact these orders as these orders require special delivery considerations so please contact us directly. 

Residential Delivery


Please note that deliveries over 15kg in weight can not be made to a residential address. All orders over 15kg going to a residential address are diverted to the closest depot for customer pickup. The address for your local depot can be found on the email you will receive from the freight carrier. 

Commercial Delivery


 We can deliver to any commercial location but suitable unloading facilities are required when the weight of the goods is above 15kg. 

Heavy and Large Orders


Please note large orders that weigh in excess of 300 kg should not be transacted via our online shop and will be cancelled as special delivery arrangements are required.  For large orders contact us directly.

Brick Tiles / Brick Facings