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From our online store you can purchase brick tiles as individual pieces and in square metre quantities while brick tile corners are sold as individual pieces.

If you are interested in full sized bricks you an also purchase samples of these here as well.



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When you buy things online we can all be guilty of simply clicking the sale and shipping policies without really reading, so here we take the opportunity to highlight things we think you really need to know.

1.  Samples

If you are buying a sample pack or just a few individual bricks or brick tiles they are just samples, the individuality of our handmade bricks and brick tiles means that each is unique and will vary from any single sample.

2. Packaging

We do our best to keep packaging to an absolute minimum, this saves on transport costs, packaging costs and keeps non-recyclable waste to an absolute minimum.....these are all good things. Bricks and/or brick tiles are stacked individually onto wooden skids and/or pallets then wrapped and strapped. Some bricks and/or brick tiles will be broken in transit, this is unavoidable and why we insist you allow 5% for wastage. But don't despair broken bricks and/or brick tiles do not need to be wasted, in most cases they can be used at the start or end of each row/course.

3. Safety & Accessibility of Delivery

Delivery of bricks and/or brick tiles is done by a third party provider and we are all bound by the providers terms and conditions, the main impact of this is on safety & accessibility. Bricks and brick tiles can only be delivered to locations in which it is considered safe to do so and a location that is accessible. Determination of the safety and accessibility aspects of delivery is not up to us, it's not up you, it's at the sole discretion of the transport provider. If the transport provider deems the location for delivery to be unsafe or not accessible, freight will need to be collected from a depot nominated by the transport provider by the customer, this will normally be the closest depot to your delivery address.

4. Residential Deliveries

This one is often overlooked but please note that deliveries over 50kg in weight can not be made to a residential address, all orders over 50kg going to a residential address are diverted to the closest TNT/Fedex Depot for customer pickup. The address for your local TNT/Fedex Depot can be found on the email you will receive from TNT/Fedex. This weight limitation applies only to residential addresses, deliveries over 50kg can be made to any commercial address.

5. Installation

The ultimate look and finish of any job is a combination of both the product itself, the techniques used during installation and the quality on the installation. Reading our installation guide is never a bad idea, this can be found by clicking on the link below:

Installation Guide