Unlike modern day mass produced and extruded bricks, early machine made bricks had smooth but primitive textures and beautiful red colourings, often with banding, flashes and reduction blackening. Our Federation brick collection is inspired by these classic and timeless early bricks which form the heart and soul of Federation architecture.


Trade Price: $1900 per thousand
Retail Price: $2200 per thousand

A waterstruck brick with a smooth sandy textured surface and without the pronounced creasing of a sandstock. Subtle variation in the red colouring produces a natural red brick facade. Early versions of these bricks were common throughout Victoria and Southern NSW.


Trade Price: $1950 per thousand
Retail Price: $2200 per thousand

Tonal variation spanning from deep reds and oranges along with reduction firing to produce what is known as reduction blackening. As with the Federation Red, a smooth but sandy textured waterstruck brick typical of bricks found throughout Victoria and NSW.



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