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Brick Tiles. Brick Facings. Brick Slips

Brick tiles, brick facings and brick slips, these are all names for the same thing, in essence a brick that has been cut into a thin slice.

Benefits of brick tiles is that they are:

  • Real Brick!

  • Suitable for both internal and external use;

  • Weatherproof;

  • Light weight, approximately 40kg per sq. m.​

  • Laid just like a normal tile, for instructions of how this is done click here;

  • Have more questions about brick tiles? See the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.

Federation Banded Wirecut Brick Tile

Coming Soon

Federation Banded Wirecut

Tonal variation spanning from deep reds, oranges  and tans with the signature flash or kiss mark developed due to the stacking pattern in the kiln along with tool marks to produce that authentic finish.These bricks are authentic to those bricks originally produced in the late 1920's through to 1940's

- Approx. 230mm x 75mm x 20mm

- Corners Available

- Suitable for walls and floors.

Handmade Brick Tiles

Genuine handmade brick tiles.

On Mesh Brick Tiles

Made from genuine recycled brick obtained from old demolished buildings, bricks will have a highly rustic character, the appearance will be irregular, including chips, cracks, residual mortar and may be half and/or partial pieces for that perfectly imperfect look and feel.


The main stuff you need to do the installation yourself.



Known as brick tiles corners or brick pistols...we offer brick tile corners in the following styles:

  • Reclamation Heritage Reds

  • Weathered Reclamation Heritage Reds

  • Hawthorn Blend

  • Reclamation Federation Clinkers

  • Weathered Parliament

  • Rome Thins

  • Palomino

  • Vintage Stock

  • Cottage Reds

  • Prague Greys


Are they real brick?

  • Yes, our brick tiles are cut from the full sized brick so we get 2 bricks tiles per brick. Due to this they are identical to the full sized brick in every way except for thickness as we have cut them into a tile format.

How many brick facings do I need?

  • Estimating how many brick facings you need is really quite easy. Multiply the height (m) and width (m) of the wall or the width (m) and breadth (m) of the floor area you need covered, this will allow you to calculate the square meters required. If you want to covert this to individual facings, multiply the square meterage by 60 (for our 215mm x 65mm brick tiles) or 66 (for our 240mm x 50mm brick tiles) (this assumes a 10mm mortar gap), for on mesh systems, divide this number by the sq. m of each sheet (0.18m sq. m. for brick thins and 0.24 sq. m for cobbles). For brick facing corners, measure the linear metres of external corners that need cladding (in mm) and divide this number by 75mm, this will calculate the number of individual brick facing corners you will need. We advise that you order 10% more than required to allow for wastage during installation.

How are they installed?

  • You lay them just like normal tiles.......instructions on how this is done can be found here.


Can they be used in wet areas?​

  • Yes you can use them in wet areas but we do suggest you seal them.


Can they be used as a backsplash or other wet areas?

  • Yes they can but we do suggest you seal them. 

What can brick tiles be be stuck to?

  • Lots of surfaces including cement sheeting, pre-existing masonry, concrete and pre-formed systems such as hebel. 

Can they be used behind fireplaces?

  • Yes, bricks tiles are made by firing clay in kilns at temperatures above 1000 degrees centigrade, they can certainly take the heat from your fireplace. 


Can they be used externally?​

  • Yes they can be used externally.

Can they be used internally?​

  • Yes they can be used internally.


Are they suitable for walls?

  • Yes, all styles are suitable for walls.

Are they suitable for floors?

  • Yes, the following brick tiles are suitable for floors and have a P5 slip rating (thats a good rating btw):
    -Reclamation Federation Clinkers

    -Old Red Wirecuts
    -Weathered Parliament
    -Rome Thins & Rome Cobbles
    -Prague Thins & Prague Cobbles
    -Wellington Thins
    -Jerusalem Thins

Do you do external corners?

  • Yes, external corners are available for the following brick tile styles

    • Reclamation Heritage Reds

    • Palomino

    • Weathered Reclamation Heritage Reds

    • Hawthorn Blend

    • Reclamation Federation Clinkers

    • Weathered Parliament

    • Rome Thins

    • Vintage Stock

    • Cottage Reds

    • Prague Greys


What adhesive do you use?​

  • Typically standard tile adhesive but see our instructions for further details.


We read and respond to every customer inquiry. We really do want to hear from you!

If you have a question we would love to hear from you! You can ask us anything, from design ideas, technical questions or price enquiries, all questions are welcome.

If you are after samples these can be obtained from the following links:

For full sized bricks click here.

For a brick tile sample pack click here.

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