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Recycled Bricks

  • Recycled bricks are just bricks that have been used previously and have be salvaged during building demolition, for this reason they offer both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits, making them a compelling option for those looking to build sustainably.

  • Recycled bricks are still just bricks, they have to meet the same standards that conventional mass produced bricks do and can be used for both the construction of brick walls and for paving. All our recycled bricks have a P5 slip rating.

  • Residual mortar on recycled bricks is normal; and part of the charm of recycled bricks, but please be aware that the amount of residual mortar is entirely random.

  • Recycled bricks may have an aged and tumbled appearance, however, the intensity of this effect is random. Recycled bricks will be perfectly imperfect and will include cracks, chips, residual mortar and in some cases residual paint which they have acquired from their prior use.

  • Loose demolition dirt/lime will also be present on recycled bricks, this is normal and is washed off during the brick cleaning stage using standard washing techniques. All pictures seen on our website of our recycled bricks have been washed, washing is done during brick wall construction, our recycled bricks do not come pre-washed.

  • All our recycled bricks can be cleaned via low or high pressure washing techniques (see our guide on pressure washing here). Acid washing can also be done but please be aware acid washing will remove some of the residual/original mortar on the bricks and much of the original lime. As this residual mortar is a large part of the appeal of using recycled bricks, we typically advise against acid washing for this reason, however, if you want them with less mortar....go for it.

  • Please be aware that Prague Grey bricks are significantly darker after washing as they are wet, they will lighten over time as the bricks dry off. Residual white mortar is also duller after washing, it will become a brighter white as the brick work dries.

Washed and Wet

Washed and Dry

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