Farmhouse Blend


$2.20 each or $1850 per thousand

Hawthorn blend is multiple bricks from our Hawthorn Range blended together. With the colours ranging from deep reds and oranges, to darker tones consisting of burnt reds and browns with a black sooted patina. These handmade and unique bricks are inspired by the classic Hawthorn bricks of Victoria.

Hawthorn Weathered Red

Hawthorn Weathered Red

Our Hawthorn bricks show considerable colour variation on each face of the brick. Here is an example of the more reddish bricks you will find in Hawthorn blend.


Sophistication of Hawthorn Blend

Great use of Hawthorn blend bricks to create sophisticated and stylish entrance fence.

Farmhouse Dark.jpg

Hawthorn Dark

An example the dark spotted and sooted bricks within the Hawthorn blend.


Hawthorn Blend with black mortar results in a striking display of colour and texture.


An example of the darker bricks that are produced in our Hawthorn brick range.


Hawthorn Brick Facing. Cut from our full sized Hawthorn brick to produce a ~23mm thick Hawthorn brick tile.



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