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Mineral white washes are a durable, lime-free alternative to the old, classic lime washes.  Mineral white wash effects can be easily achieved and there won't be the problems with flaking when used on internal and external building materials.


We supply mineral white wash which is careful blend of English white clay, quartz and mica, together with pure mineral silicate binders. This mineral white wash contains no cement nor  acrylics, solvents, spirits, or any other types of synthetic binder used in the product.

Mineral white wash can also be diluted to produce a translucent white wash, this allows the underlying brick to show through producing a wonderful aged look. Essentially there is no right or wrong way with white washing there is only the look you want, altering either the concentration and/or application style can result in differing looks.

Mineral white washes offer:

  • a cheaper alternative to bagging.

  • a more natural appearance than paint or bagging.

  • a more environmentally friendly way to alter the appearance of brickwork.

  • Available in white and grey wash colours.

*Please note white washing is done after the brick work is complete, bricks do not come pre-white washed.


The random application of mineral white wash in both coverage and concentration results in this beautiful aged appearance.


A great example of translucent white washing. The underlying brick browns and blacks are overlain by a translucent mineral white wash to produce a ghostly white/grey waterstruck brick.


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