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We don't want to make standard bricks.........what would be the point of that, there are plenty of brick makers who can sell you a standard machine made extruded brick. While all of our bricks exceed Australian and European Standards, our bricks are anything but standard. We think the standardisation of brick production has had a detrimental impact on the character of bricks. This is why we use traditional techniques such as sandstruck and waterstruck moulding to bring back the character of brick.

We currently produce bricks in 4 sizes:

Imperial: 230mm x 68mm x 110mm

European: 215mm x 65mm x 103mm

Roman: 325mm x 50mm x 110mm

Conventional: 230mm x 76mm x 110mm

Brick facings (23mm thick) in the above sizes

Glazed Bricks and brick facings in the above sizes

Types of bricks

We currently produce both sandstock and waterstruck bricks.

Sandstock Bricks

This is often a misunderstood term and is unfortunately applied to bricks that are not sandstocks. Sandstock bricks are produced using the sandstruck method in which clay is hand pressed into a mould dusted with fine sand. Sandstock bricks have a regular rectangular "brick shape" but have highly textured elephant skin creasing, this is their defining characteristic.

Waterstruck Bricks

Unlike sandstocks, waterstruck bricks have smoother textures, this is achieved by using wetter clay and the moulds are lined with water. Waterstruck moulding is sometimes referred to as "slop" moulding. Bricks produced using this method are often misshapen, this along with their smoother texture is their defining characteristic. Waterstruck bricks are a very popular European style.

Handmade bricks vs. conventional bricks

Handmade bricks are still just standard bricks, they have to meet all the same standards that conventional mass produced bricks do. The main difference between a handmade brick and a conventional mass produced extruded brick is character. Handmade bricks have an individuality that can not be achieved via mass production.

Are handmade bricks for you?

We would like to think that the answer is a resounding yes. But simply, if you are after a brick with character and individuality, then handmade bricks are for you. If you are after a highly uniform looking brick, then handmade bricks may not be for you.

Ordering, lead times and delivery

It's important to be aware that we are not a mass producer of bricks, what we do takes time. Please keep this in mind. We try to stock our most popular brick styles in both a full sized brick and brick tile. However, other styles are made to order. So as not to be disappointed and to guarantee that you get the bricks you want, we suggest you start talking to us 8-12 weeks before your build is set to start. If you are less than 8 weeks away from build start, don't despair, give us a call and we can see what can be done.


We are always happy to send samples to customers, samples can be ordered from here. Due to the individuality of handmade bricks please be aware that a single sample will never be representative of the completed brick facade, panel photos shown on our website give the best impression of the completed facade. Bricks can also be viewed at our display centres in Melbourne and Adelaide.


We get to work with some great people and great companies, they are more than just customers but partners in delivering homes with timeless appeal. 
They support us and we are proud to support them.

Old World Homes

McKenzie Construction Group

Brazzale Constructions

VK Homes

Benacon Construction

Kinkade Group

Restoration Station

Brinz Group

Bella Build and Design

Duo Build Group

Craftmans Homes

Sheedy Homes


Capital Retail

Hills and City Constructions

MJS Construction Group

Collective Building Group

Mermaid Bay Interiors

Shire Homes

Ivan Schmocker Constructions

Lares Homes

Enduro Builders

Complete Commercial Constructions

Biddle Build

HSR Aust Group

Wilks Building Group

mcmahon and nerlich architects

Rebuilt Projects

Afonso Building Solutions

BB Architects

Hocking Constructions

Tallis & Thomas

Alternative Construction Group


Coles Express

Vintage Cellars


Andrew Green Construction

Viola Construction

Scott Salisbury Homes

Roseleigh Homes

Hampton Homes

Billy Goat Brick and Stone

Brickie Bros.

Salt E House Pty Ltd

iConstruct Homes


Tdl Contractors

Brimbank Council

All Seasons Building and Construction

Arden Building Group

Aria Homes

Coastal Breeze Construction

Fleurieu Heritage Building Services

Chasney Estate

Hoppas Constructions

Inside and Out Carpentry

JS Built

After Dark Design

Walker Smith General Builders

JTR Construction

LFJS Property Melbourne

Lucent Constructions Pty Ltd

Mardaw Interiors Pty Ltd

MJC Tile & Stone Pty Ltd

Purling Builders

Red Earth Landscape Construction

Shape Shopfitters


Urban Render Pty Ltd

W Gasparin Builders

Prestigious Millennium Design Pty Ltd

The Valley Estate

Adelaide Built

G-Force Building & Construction

Oskus Construction

Envirostruct Project Management

Yama Tiling & Stone

K.H.I.D (Interior Design)

Brick Logic

Nest Built

Powell Bricklaying

Hart Luxury Homes

Marino Developments

Dowie Designs

Bora Building Group

Sebhel Tiles

Integrity New Homes

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