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"In a world where conformity often prevails, our dedication to innovation and sustainability stands out. We welcome you to join us on our journey towards a brighter and more innovative future for bricks."

Factory Flexibility

Our factory is built for flexibility, what other brick makers do with 4 separate lines we do with 1. Our clay preparation line supplies clay clots to our hand moulding line, our pressed brick line, our machine waterstruck line and our extruded line. Within 2 hours we can switch between any of these 4 different methods for making bricks.


Sustainable Stewardship

We are committed to a greener future. Our brick factory plants more trees each year (fast growing Eucalyptus trees) rehabilitating our clay fields, embodying our belief in giving back to nature. Our bricks works looks more like a forest than a brick works! Furthermore, we harvest our trees for use in paper and pallet production, ensuring we can continue our tree planting while providing a renewable resource to the paper and packaging industry. This year we are installing a large solar array and we expect to entirely eliminate our use of electricity from non-renewable sources. 


World Recognised Projects

Our projects have received acclaim worldwide, including the esteemed Wienerberger Brick Award for the Halle St Peters project.

Global Reach

Today bricks produced in our factory are used in 46 countries and counting.

Old Globe
Green Recycle Symbol

Zero Waste

With our factory having one of the largest sawing lines featuring 40 blades in operation simultaneously, we achieve the remarkable feat of producing 100,000 brick slips a day while minimising waste. No part of the brick is wasted as used parts of the brick are recycled back in to production. Water used in brick cutting operations is fully recycled.


We’re Here To Help!

We don't want to make standard bricks.........what would be the point of that, there are plenty of brick makers who can sell you a standard machine made extruded brick. While all of our bricks exceed Australian and European Standards, our bricks are anything but standard. We think the standardisation of brick production has had a detrimental impact on the character of bricks. This is why we use traditional techniques such as sandstruck and waterstruck moulding to bring back the character of brick.


We currently produce bricks in 5 sizes:

Imperial: 230mm x 68mm x 110mm

European: 215mm x 65mm x 105mm

Roman: 330mm x 50mm x 110mm

Conventional: 230mm x 75mm x 110mm

Ultra Linear: 550 x 50 x 110

Brick facings in the above sizes

Types of bricks

We currently produce both sandstock, waterstruck, pressed and extruded bricks and other
clay products (tiles and breeze blocks) plus we supply genuine recycled bricks.

Ordering, lead times and delivery

It's important to be aware that we are not a mass producer of bricks, what we do takes time. Please keep this in mind. We try to stock our most popular brick styles in both a full sized brick and brick tile. However, other styles are made to order. So as not to be disappointed and to guarantee that you get the bricks you want, we suggest you start talking to us 12-14 weeks before your build is set to start. If you are less than 12 weeks away from build start, don't despair, give us a call and we can see what can be done, you might get lucky.


We are always happy to send samples to customers, samples can be ordered from here.

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