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Handcrafted, Unique and Timeless

Sandstock bricks are characterised by a texture that represents deep elephant skin creasing, giving them a wonderful character. This texture is our signature, we love the natural charm it brings to our bricks.

So what makes a genuine sandstock? They are made using the "Sandstruck" method in which the clay is pressed into moulds dusted with fine sand. Fake varieties don't develop this unique texture and whilst commonly associated with heritage brick styles, sandstocks can also come in more contemporary colour styles. Check out our range of sandstock bricks below.

Special Cleaning Requirements for Reclamation Styles

Our reclamation styles, which can be identified by the white scumming on the brick surface, should not be wet sponged, acid washed or high pressure cleaned. During laying, the excess mortar should be cut off with a trowel and the brickwork should be constantly dry brushed. The bricks from the pallets are left intentionally dusty, this allows mortar dags and smears on the work face to be removed easily by dry brushing.

Do not sponge the joints of the brickwork, otherwise it may create permanent stains.

We also advise that with our reclamation styles, the mortar colour is matched closely to the colour of the white scumming (i.e. white to off white mortar).

With our reclamation styles we strongly recommend the use of efflorescence blocking additives such as Efflock.

If these instructions are followed the result will be a beautiful reclamation finish as seen here.


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