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Brick Inspiration

"“Even a brick wants to be something.
It aspires. Even a common, ordinary brick... wants to be something more than it is. It wants to be something better than it is.”"

Louis Kahn

Due to privacy concerns we can not always show pictures of customer builds so here we show blends and styles that we have developed for customers. This is by no means our full range of bricks, the intent is to show various special and custom blends to give you inspiration and to highlight either techniques, blends or styles of brick work. 

Cottage Reds

Cottage Reds

We really wish we could show you more but here our Cottage Red bricks have been combined with grey mortar and wooden upright beams to create this truly sophisticated reclamation look.

Vintage Blends

Vintage Stock are bricks that are tumbled and tinted to give an aged appearance. Here are 2 versions we developed for a customer which allowed them to determine the level of ageing they wanted in their brick.


Staffordshire Blues

Staffordshire Blues - after a unique brick, this may be for you. Rarely seen in Australia, these bricks are made through reduction firing to create a brick with a colour pallet of greys, silver greys and iridescent blue flashes depending on how the light hits the surface. This effect is quite pronounced in these clinker versions.

Celebrare la Terracotta

A customer wanted an old style terracotta tile, the type you see throughout Italy, we said "celebriamo la terracotta italiana".


Blue Headers

Reduction fired bricks which show a range of colours including blacks, dark greys and flashes of iridescent blues. Historically these where a accident of the firing process but now can be made intentionally to produce stunning feature brick facades when used en-masse. Can be made as either a full brick, half brick or brick tile.

Tumbled Dry Stacked Linears

Extensive tumbling of linear reds bricks for a customer allowed us to create this stone look dry stacked brick wall. For this application both full sized bricks and brick tiles where used.


Glazed Headers

Another way to work with bricks. Here we glazed the "header" of the brick to create a feature wall for the client. Over-firing of this glaze gives a real burnt orange colouring. As the glazing was done on handmade bricks, the texture of the underlying brick adds a another level of sophistication which simply could not be achieved with porcelain tiles. 

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