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Handcrafted, Unique and Timeless


Our Artisan Range of bricks are designed to be architecturally unique. These bricks uniquely showcase the skill of brick makers and highlight the true artistry of brick making. When you choose Artisan bricks, you are also choosing a degree of luxury that you simply do not get from mainstream mass produced bricks.



Living Bricks

Similar to timbers, light coloured bricks (ivory and grey bricks) are "living" bricks in that their colour will change over time due to interaction with the local environment. Being a light colour, light coloured clay bricks will show stains generated from wetting, local pollution, pollens and numerous other environmental factors. Please also be aware that light coloured bricks (ivory and grey bricks) which are based on natural ivory coloured clays can show pinks through to pale reds due to iron within the clay.

Vanadium Staining

Light-coloured clays as used in ivory and grey bricks often contain vanadium salt that are generally colourless, but under certain conditions may appear as a yellow, green or reddish-brown discolouration of the brick. It is essential that any vanadium salts evident prior to the removal of mortar residue be removed, as the hydrochloric acid may turn the salt black and become difficult to remove. Vanadium stains are often generated by the use of too strong a concentration of hydrochloric acid during the initial cleaning process, or from excessive water penetration (during construction (i.e. before flashings/copings/sills have been installed), brickwork should be protected from storm water through the use of tarps and other coverings). Vanadium stains are neither permanent nor harmful and do not indicate a defect in the brick. Vanadium stains in exposed areas generally wash off in time but their removal can be hastened by chemical treatment. After the initial removal of vanadium stains, more water on the masonry – even that used in the cleaning process – may induce further efflorescing of the salts to the surface, depending on the amount within the brick. It is important to understand and accept that vanadium staining is a natural process of clay products and is most obvious in light coloured bricks, if you are concerned about this process we would advise against the use of light coloured bricks.


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