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NEW - Sculptured Reds

A beautiful recycled red brick, terracotta and tan colourings along with a natural rough hewn appearance and extensively tumbled for character and charm. 

Old Red Bricks

Old Red Bricks

The old red brick has a long history, beginning with handmade convict bricks, all the way to primitive extruded wirecut bricks and in the 21st century it is still one the most common building materials. Elephant Brick Co. offers a full range of "old red" bricks, ranging from the most traditional sandstocks to smoother waterstruck varieties. We offer these in both a full sized brick and as a brick tile, all available in whatever quantity you need for your job.

Learn about brick care and maintenance.

Special Cleaning Requirements for Reclamation Styles

Our reclamation styles, which can be identified by the white scumming on the brick surface, should not be wet sponged, acid washed or high pressure cleaned. During laying, the excess mortar should be cut off with a trowel and the brickwork should be constantly dry brushed. The bricks from the pallets are left intentionally dusty, this allows mortar dags and smears on the work face to be removed easily by dry brushing.

Do not sponge the joints of the brickwork, otherwise it may create permanent stains.

We also advise that with our reclamation styles, the mortar colour is matched closely to the colour of the white scumming (i.e. white to off white mortar).

With our reclamation styles we strongly recommend the use of efflorescence blocking additives such as Efflock.

If these instructions are followed the result will be a beautiful reclamation finish as seen here.


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For a brick tile sample pack click here.

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