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Ultra Linears

Ultra linears are (very) long format bricks with a face size of approx. 550mm x 50mm. When comparing
pricing of bricks, it is often best to convert to sq. m pricing due to the large format size involved
with ultra linears. Unlike standard bricks, only 20 ultra linears are required per sq. m. 

Suffolk Ultra Linear

Ivory and subtle terracotta pinks and apricots, traditionally referred to as Suffolk Terracotta. Due to their light colour, over time these bricks take on a subtle/soft greyish patina and develop a colouration similar to weathered sandstone.


Approx. 550mm x 50mm x 110mm

29 bricks per sq. m

$6.00 per brick plus GST

$174 per sq. m plus GST

Suffolk Ultra Linear Brick
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