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Brickfields Hill - ca. 1823 Cleveland House and Francis Greenway

It is truly amazing when you get to be involved in a special project.......and that special project is Cleveland House in Sydney. Built in 1823-1824 and designed by the convict architect Francis Greenway, Cleveland House is a testament to the beauty of Colonial Georgian style. All the bricks used in the original building are hand pressed sandstocks, due to original bricks not being available, we are making these bricks. How we do this is very simple, we make them exactly the same way as they did in 1823, these will be a 230mm x 65mm x 105mm orange-red hand pressed sandstock brick with no frog (don't know what a frog here). Whats even more amazing for us is that Cleveland House sits within the Brickfields Hill district, one of the original colonial brickmaking locations. #Heritage #Heritagearchitecture #heritagebricks #sandstocks #sandstockbricks #handmadebricks #oldredbricks

Cleveland House - ca. 1823 - Architect: Francis Greenway

Handmade Heritage Red Sandstock Brick

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