Our gallery shows pictures of bricks that have been used in various builds. Please be aware that gallery pictures not only reflect the underlying brick but will also reflect specific techniques that may have been used during the laying of bricks. These techniques can impart considerable influence of the final look and feel of any finished facade. The look of any brick facade is a combination of the brick, technique employed and skill of the mason or bricklayer.


The sheer delight of handmade bricks

Another stunning example of our handmade Hawthorn bricks. Here they have been used to create this wonderful garden wall adding charm and sophistication to this beautiful garden. #handmadebricks #sandstockbricks #designideas #bricks

Roman style inspiration

Great example of innovative design. Here our Roman style handmade heritage reds have been combined with timber in a contemporary design to produce an outstanding South Yarra home. #handmadebricks #romanbricks #linearbricks #elephantbrickco

Glorious Wine Cellar

To create this stunning wine cellar the customer put their faith in us to come up with a brick blend that would look like the cellar was 500 years old. To achieve this look we combined 3 brick types together, our heritage deep red sandstocks, our ochre bricks and our waterstruck greys. All three bricks are handmade bricks made using either the sandstruck or waterstruck technique and the result was exactly what the customer envisioned, a classic European styled wine cellar wit

The Classic Red

Great example of the use of our Heritage Red sandstock bricks. The variation in red colours results in a natural red brick facade which while used in a completely contemporary build blends beautifully with the heritage character of the adjacent building. As with all of our bricks, everyone is unique which is what gives this brick facade depth and that timeless appeal. #redbricks #oldredbricks #sandstocks #sandstockbricks #bricks #handmadebricks

Iconic La Mama Theatre Redevelopment

La Mama Theatre is an iconic theatre located in Carlton, Victoria which tragically was gutted by fire in 2018.......but this beauty is rising from the ashes. Originally built in 1883 as a print works, the building is typical of simple industrial buildings of the Victorian period. The brickwork itself is characterised handmade utilitarian waterstruck (slop-moulded) bricks often characterised by crease marks caused by the wet stacking of the wet bricks before transport to the k

Brickfields Hill - ca. 1823 Cleveland House and Francis Greenway

It is truly amazing when you get to be involved in a special project.......and that special project is Cleveland House in Sydney. Built in 1823-1824 and designed by the convict architect Francis Greenway, Cleveland House is a testament to the beauty of Colonial Georgian style. All the bricks used in the original building are hand pressed sandstocks, due to original bricks not being available, we are making these bricks. How we do this is very simple, we make them exactly the

Classic Heritage Reds

Great example of the use of the classic red brick. These are our Heritage Soft Reds, a genuine handmade sandstock brick characterised by soft red tones and elephant skin textures. These bricks have been used in a beautiful Federation style house. #Heritagebricks #Sandstocks #Sandstockbricks #redbricks #oldredbricks #bricks #handmadebricks

Black Hawthorn

Just a great photo showing the dramatic difference black mortar can make to a brick facade. Here black mortar has been used in conjunction with our Hawthorn Blend bricks. The black really makes the textures pop and the colours more vibrant. #Sandstockbricks #Hawthornbricks #Architecture #Handmadebricks