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Why mortar colours are important to brickwork

Did you know that in any brick wall about 15% of the surface area is actually mortar, not brick. Also its is the mortar that frames every brick. What this means is that mortar colour is important to the overall look at feel of your brick wall. Below is a great example of how the mortar colour changes the overall appearance of a brick facade. So when choosing your brick also start thinking about mortar colours.

To help you on your way here are some things worth knowing:

1. Dark mortars (dark grey to black) tend to make the colour of the brick more prominent.

2. When testing mortar colours its critical to let them dry fully before assessing the colour, you will find that dark mortars will dry lighter and light mortars will dry darker.

3. True white or creamy white mortars require white brick sand (not yellow).

4. Dark grey (to black) mortars will require the addition of black oxides.

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