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Global Supply Chain Issues

Please be aware that ongoing disruptions related to supply chains continue to affect all aspects our operations. Our suppliers of raw materials and transport partners continue to experience unexpected delays, these delays are typically associated with transport delays, staff shortages and the extreme mismatch between supply and demand. These delays are outside of our control. Delivery times are only ever estimations and delivery times can not be guaranteed under the uncertain operating environment being experienced globally. We continue to advise customers to order early and to understand that delays may occur.

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

The conflict in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis in Europe has caused unspeakable suffering to innocent people. We join the world in condemning aggression and violence and hope for peace. While we feel largely helpless in the little we can do, we at Elephant Bricks have contributed to the UNICEF Emergency Ukraine Appeal and encourage those who can to do the same.



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Quality and Testing

Quality bricks that exceed both Australian and European Standards. To ensure this we test and test some more. This is why our bricks are used in Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland and the Netherlands .



Nothing is more important than good brickwork, choosing the best brick needs to be followed up by a thorough understanding of how to get the best from your chosen brick and this needs to be communicated to your builder and brickie.

Learn about brick care and maintenance.



Handmade Bricks vs. Conventional Extruded Bricks

Handmade bricks are still just bricks, they have to meet all the same standards that conventional mass produced bricks do. The main difference between a handmade brick and a conventional mass produced extruded brick is character. Handmade bricks have an individuality that can not be achieved via mass production.

Types of Handmade Bricks

Sandstock Bricks

This is often a misunderstood term and is unfortunately applied to bricks that are not sandstocks. Sandstock bricks are produced using the sandstruck method in which clay is hand pressed into a mould dusted with fine sand. Sandstock bricks have a regular rectangular "brick shape" but have highly textured elephant skin creasing, this is their defining characteristic.

Waterstruck Bricks

Unlike sandstocks, waterstruck bricks have smoother textures, this is achieved by using wetter clay and the moulds are lined with water. Waterstruck moulding is sometimes referred to as "slop" moulding. Bricks produced using this method are often misshapen, this along with their smoother texture is their defining characteristic. Waterstruck bricks are a very popular European style.

Are handmade bricks for you?

We would like to think that the answer is a resounding yes. But simply, if you are after a brick with character and individuality in colour and texture, then handmade bricks are for you. If you are after a highly uniform looking brick in terms of colour and texture, then handmade bricks may not be for you.

Why bricks and brickwork matters!

Your bricks and brickwork are normally the biggest contributor to the look and feel of your facade........they have an overwhelming contribution to your homes street appeal.

It's important to remember many parts of a house can be easily modified or replaced at a future time......internal paint colours can be changed or refreshed, furniture and fittings can  be changed/modernised comparatively easily over time. However, your external facade can not be easily changed, so getting it right at the start is important. Money spent on your bricks and brickwork is a long term investment in your home.

Learn about brick care and maintenance.



We read and respond to every customer inquiry. We really do want to hear from you!

If you have a question we would love to hear from you! You can ask us anything, from design ideas, technical questions or price enquiries, all questions are welcome.

If you are after samples these can be obtained from the following links:

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