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Sandstocks are characterised by deep elephant skin creasing giving them a wonderful character. So what makes a genuine sandstock? They are made using the "Sandstruck" method in which the clay is pressed into moulds dusted with fine sand. Fake varieties don't develop this unique texture and whilst commonly associated with heritage brick styles, sandstocks can also come in more contemporary colour styles.

Like the look of the classic old red brick or brick tile. The old red brick has a long history starting with handmade convict bricks all the way to primitive extruded wirecut bricks. We offer a full range of "old red brick" styles ranging from the most traditional sandstocks and smoother waterstruck varieties.

Bricks tiles, also known as brick slips or brick cladding are simply a slimline brick, typically 22mm thick. Due to their slimline nature, they can be used as a tile to cover walls and floors in a manner similar to ceramic tiles. The best feature of brick tiles is that they are genuine brick, they are not brick patterned wall paper or plastic brick looking cladding.

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So whats "Vintage Modern", well ask 10 people you are likely to get 10 different answers but to us its quite simple, Vintage Modern is our range of bricks in which we combine our traditional brick making techniques with non-traditional brick colours.

Ochres are natural clay earth pigments which have been used for centuries for generating ancient earthy colourings. Ochres range in colour from yellow and reds to deep orange and browns. Our Ochre Collection Bricks are traditional handmade bricks and brick tiles featuring colour hues that mirror the natural pigments found in these early colourings.

Too often compromises are made when it comes to heritage restoration. One of the most important aspects of heritage restoration is brick matching, and brick matching is not just about colour, it is also about size and especially texture. We have a range of bricks designed specifically for heritage restoration.



At Elephant Brick Co we make bricks and brick tiles using traditional techniques, we also scour the world looking for the best artisan brickmakers. We do this as artisan brickmaking produces bricks that are unique, elegant and have timeless character. These are simply features that can not be recreated by mass production techniques.

The result are bricks and brick tiles where each one is unique, producing stunning heritage and architectural designs. All this is done while maintaining the highest standards in ethical manufacturing and trading.



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