Brick tile flooring

Great example of how spectacular brick tile flooring can look, here done using our Hawthorn brick tiles in a herringbone pattern. #Bricktiles #Brickfacings #Brickslips

Wow......look what can be done with brick tiles

Great example of a feature wall and fireplace created with brick tiles. Our brick tiles aren't fake, they are cut from real brick and thus the result is a completely genuine brick feature wall but done in a light weight way. #bricktiles #brickslips #brickfacings #designideas #interiordesign

The versatility of brick tiles.

Cut from full sized bricks, brick tiles can be used in many innovative ways. Here a besser block core has been clad in bricks tiles to produce this beautiful kitchen bench seat and window sill. #bricktiles #brickfacings #brickslips

Industrial Chic

A really simple way to create a beautiful feature wall. Here our bricks tiles, cut from genuine handmade bricks have been used to create this wonderful surround to a lounge room fireplace. The individuality of handmade bricks results in an authenticity that can't be produced with machine made bricks or other fake cladding options. #bricktiles #brickfacings #brickslips #realbrick #handmadebrick #industrialchic

Commercial Shopfits

Here is a great example of the use of bricks tiles/brick facings in creating an outstanding retail experience. All of our brick tiles are cut from our genuine handmade bricks to ensure that the resulting product is authentic. Being a brick tile, they are lightweight (36kg per square metre) and installation is just like tiling. #bricktiles #brickfacings #brickslips #shopfitouts

Classic old reds in a brick tile

Brick tiles or brick facings are slimline bricks. We make ours from cutting a thin slice off our full sized bricks, this means our brick tiles are 100% real brick, not a fake imitation brick....and the best bit it also means we can offer a proper external corner brick tile. The brick tiles shown below are our Reclamation Turkish Weathered brick tiles, they really are the quintessential "old red brick". A base red brick with a sooted patina and lime scumming for a truly authen