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Victorian and Tasmanian Heritage Red Bricks

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Sometimes referred to as Melbourne Reds, Hobart Reds and various other names, what links them is that they are all waterstruck bricks. The technique that produces these bricks is believed to have originated in England and involves using very wet clay hand pressed into moulds lined with water......hence sometimes referred to as slop moulding.

Classic example of a Waterstruck 1830's Tasmania

These bricks are distinct from sandstock bricks which were more common in NSW and South Australia (with the exception being Hawthorn bricks which are indeed sandstocks). Waterstrucks can be identified by smoother faces (in comparison to sandstocks) but with irregular gouges and faint vertical lineations on their faces. Early versions where indeed convict made but the technique was also used by early commercial brick makers.

Examples of the waterstruck bricks we make can be seen below.

Waterstruck Federation Red

Waterstruck Federation Weathered Red

Waterstruck Hobart Red

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