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Heritage Restoration and Heritage Additions

Too often compromises are made when it comes to heritage restoration. One of the most important aspects of heritage restoration is brick matching, and brick matching is not just about colour, it is also about size and especially texture.

Too often bricks chosen for heritage restoration only consider colour. Below is a graphic example of how such a decision leads to an inappropriate brick that ultimately diminishes the appeal of both the addition and the original historical architecture. This compromise is not needed, we offer a genuine handmade sandstock replicating both the size, colour and texture of original handmade bricks.

Heritage brickwork, getting it right and getting it wrong.


We offer a range of specialist bricks made for heritage additions and restorations. Below is a direct comparison between our heritage sandstock brick (middle) and two other bricks promoted as suitable for heritage restoration and additions, we think the distinction is clear.

Heritage brick comparison

Comparison between our heritage brick (middle) and other bricks promoted as being suitable for heritage restorations.  

Sandstock Bricks

Genuine Sandstock Brick

Heritage restoration requires the right products to do it right. We make a genuine sandstock brick, by this we mean it is made using the sandstruck process in which a clot of clay is hand pressed into a mould dusted by fine sand. Quite simply, if it is not made in this way it's not a sandstock brick and is inappropriate for heritage applications requiring sandstock bricks. The result is a brick with characteristic elephant skin creasing. We offer standard sizes of 68mm and 65mm but can also make custom sizes.

Sandstock Plinth Stretchers

Plinth Stretcher
Plinth stretcher featuring a chamfered face at a 45° angle. Plinth stretchers are used for detailing work, sills, creating plinths or making changes in the depth of a wall.

Sandstock Half Round Copings

Half Round Coping
Half round copings are the traditional way to cap parapet and freestanding walls.

Sandstock Soldier Bricks

Linear Brick / Soldier Brick
Soft red linear brick,  typically laid vertically with its long narrow side exposed for use in soldier courses.

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