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Handmade and Bespoke Bricks

Why hand crafted and bespoke bricks?

Handcrafted and bespoke bricks made using traditional methods produces bricks with a character that can not be achieved by mass production. The result are bricks where each one is unique, elegant and with that timeless appeal often missing in modern materials.

How are they made?

Clay Selection

So as with any brick or brick tile it all starts with clay selection, currently we offer clays from 12 different regions so as to have a wide range of clay colours to work with, it is the clay that forms the base colour for the brick.

Clay Mixing

Water content of the clay is adjusted at this step, this has a large impact on the texture that develops during moulding and drying.


Clay clots are thrown and hand pressed into moulds. The moulds are either lined with sand or water. Using sand results in creasing or what we call an elephant skin texture, these bricks are known as sandstruck or sand stock bricks. If water is used instead of sand to line the mould we get a smoother finish to the bricks and these are known as waterstruck bricks. In either case,  once moulded the bricks, now called "green bricks" are turned out of their moulds and allowed to air dry. During this process the brick faces further develop in appearance.

Kiln Firing

Unlike modern gas fired kilns where the temperature is perfectly controlled, the use of traditional kilns adds a certain "je ne sais quoi". In many way these traditional kilns are part of the magic of artisan brickmaking which helps to produce the uniqueness of every brick.

The Final Touches

In many cases we start blending, many of our brick styles are actually combinations of several colours and styles.