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Brick Tiles | Brick Cladding

Interior feature walls


Brick Tiles | Brick Cladding

Bricks tiles, also known as brick slips or brick cladding are simply a slimline brick, typically 22mm thick. Due to their slimline nature, they can be used as a tile to cover walls and floors in a manner similar to ceramic tiles. The best feature of brick tiles is that they are genuine brick, they are not brick patterned wall paper or plastic brick looking cladding. See our full range of colours and styles which ranges from classic old red brick tiles, brick tiles with a reclaimed and rustic feel to less common varieties. All our brick tiles are available with brick corner pieces to insure the finished product looks perfect.

When it comes to installation, brick tiles are essentially similar to ceramic tiles in that they are attached to pre-existing walls or floors using standard tile adhesives or using a rail based system if they are being applied directly to a timber or steel frame. Installation can be done by professionals but is also an easy DIY job. Ask us how it is done!

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Advantages of Bricks Tiles and Brick Cladding

  • Fire retardant and water resistant - this is such an important characteristic, bricks are non-combustible making them the safe choice for any building unlike aluminium composite or wood panelling.
  • Being genuine handcrafted brick, they have that natural look that simply can't be replicated by faux varieties.
  • Termite proof, mould resistant, mildew resistant.
  • Do not crack or rot - totally weather resistant.
  • Lightweight and durable - a quarter the weight of a brick wall but hard and durable.

Popular Brick Tile Styles

Farmhouse Blend Brick and Brick Tile
Farmhouse Red Brick and Brick Tile
Farmhouse Dark Brick and Brick Tile
Industrial Blend Brick and Brick Time

Brick Tile Feature Walls

A stylish brick feature wall adds colours and textures that will work as the focal point of your room. Brick feature walls add warmth and can be used in any room. Most importantly, you don't need to expose an existing brick wall to achieve a brick feature wall, brick tiles can be used and applied to any existing wall, including:

  • Masonry walls (e.g. besser brick, hebel) 
  • Rendered walls
  • Timber or steel framed gyprock walls
  • Cement sheeted walls

This means brick feature walls can created in any room and used in bathrooms or as kitchen backsplashes.

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Brick Tile Flooring

Brick tiles can also be used to tile a floor. Once again the process is essentially the same as laying ceramic floor tiles in which tile adhesive is used to glue brick tiles to a pre-existing solid floor.

Brick floor tiles


Outdoor Applications

Brick tiles can also be used outdoors, they are a great way to pave concrete verandas and patios and can be used to create light weight walls, such as cladding besser brick or hebel walls.

Want to know more?

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