The Reclaimed Look

Here is an outstanding example of our reclamation style bricks. Every brick here is a genuine handmade brick with a white reclamation scumming applied to give that classic "old red brick" look and feel. As these are handmade not machine made, every brick without fail is unique and has its own character, this is why they look so much better than mass produced varieties. #reclaimedbricks #oldredbricks #recycledbricks

Avoid mass produced "old reds".....they simply don't look right!

Getting that reclamation look is really important, you don't want to end up using those faux varieties that just look fake. The classic look below is created using our Reclamation Heritage Reds, these are 100% handmade bricks made using techniques from the 19th century. As make the effort to use these traditional techniques the results are authentic "old reds".....genuine sandstock bricks! Below is a great example of genuine sandstock bricks that bring that authentic look and

Pure Reclamation Style

Beautiful example of our Reclamation Heritage Reds, these are new bricks that we age to produce this amazing reclamation look. As they are all new they exceed Australian standards and have minimal wastage. #Bricks #Oldredbricks #recycledbricks #reclaimedbricks