Our gallery shows pictures of bricks that have been used in various builds. Please be aware that gallery pictures not only reflect the underlying brick but will also reflect specific techniques that may have been used during the laying of bricks. These techniques can impart considerable influence of the final look and feel of any finished facade. The look of any brick facade is a combination of the brick, technique employed and skill of the mason or bricklayer.


The sheer delight of handmade bricks

Another stunning example of our handmade Hawthorn bricks. Here they have been used to create this wonderful garden wall adding charm and sophistication to this beautiful garden. #handmadebricks #sandstockbricks #designideas #bricks

Weathered brick work creates a unique look and feel

Recently completed building using our weathered and reclamation style bricks. Here we take our heritage sandstocks and using some unique brick making techniques artificially age them to create thsese old world looking bricks. Cheack out of Weathered Reclaiamed Heritage Soft Reds or our Georgian Weathered bricks if you are after this look. #sandstockbricks #bricks #reclamationbricks

The Classic Red

Great example of the use of our Heritage Red sandstock bricks. The variation in red colours results in a natural red brick facade which while used in a completely contemporary build blends beautifully with the heritage character of the adjacent building. As with all of our bricks, everyone is unique which is what gives this brick facade depth and that timeless appeal. #redbricks #oldredbricks #sandstocks #sandstockbricks #bricks #handmadebricks

Brick Inspiration

Working closely with the client and design team anything is possible. This is a great example of combining traditional bricks with glazed bricks. Here we have combined our handmade Hawthorn brick along with a selected number of glazed Hawthorn bricks to produce a brick facade that is a one of a kind creation. #glazedbricks #designideas #bricks #designers #architecture

All Roads Lead To Rome

A really innovative use of our Roman Heritage Reds. These bricks are a faithful recreation of original Roman bricks, are handmade and have a face size of 320mm x 50mm. Here they have been cut down to create a Roman style brick slip and used to create an amazing terracotta coloured roof......simply amazing! #Romanbricks #linearbricks #bricks #architecture #redbricks

Classic Heritage Reds

Great example of the use of the classic red brick. These are our Heritage Soft Reds, a genuine handmade sandstock brick characterised by soft red tones and elephant skin textures. These bricks have been used in a beautiful Federation style house. #Heritagebricks #Sandstocks #Sandstockbricks #redbricks #oldredbricks #bricks #handmadebricks

Avoid mass produced "old reds".....they simply don't look right!

Getting that reclamation look is really important, you don't want to end up using those faux varieties that just look fake. The classic look below is created using our Reclamation Heritage Reds, these are 100% handmade bricks made using techniques from the 19th century. As make the effort to use these traditional techniques the results are authentic "old reds".....genuine sandstock bricks! Below is a great example of genuine sandstock bricks that bring that authentic look and

Pure Reclamation Style

Beautiful example of our Reclamation Heritage Reds, these are new bricks that we age to produce this amazing reclamation look. As they are all new they exceed Australian standards and have minimal wastage. #Bricks #Oldredbricks #recycledbricks #reclaimedbricks

Grey at its best - sophisticated with a hint of warmth

A great example of a traditional brick paired with a more contemporary colours. Multi-toned pale greys coupled with the unmistakable texture of a genuine sandstock brick. Notice the hint of warm colours, this is done to ensure a grey facade is not just cold and soulless. If you ever wondered why we are called Elephant Brick Co this picture says it all, this is elephant skin texture at its finest. #Greybricks #bricks #architecture #sandstocks #design

Old techniques produce something really different

Here we have combined some traditional techniques to produce something really different. Firstly we made this brick using the waterstruck technique, essentially this involves using a really wet clay and lining the mould with water to produce a smooth(ish) textured brick. Then we used some special techniques to weather the brick to produce variegated grey colourings. Finally we used used the age old technique of white washing.......the result is this snowy grey waterstruck bri