Mineral White Wash (600g)

Mineral White Wash (600g)

Mineral white washes are durable lime-free alternative to old limewashes.  Mineral white wash effects can be easily achieved without the problems of rub-off, dusting and flaking when used on internal and external building materials.


A careful blend of English white clay, quartz and mica, together with pure mineral silicate binders. Mineral white wash contains no cement. There are no acrylics, solvents, spirits, or any other types of synthetic binder used in the product


Mineral white wash will produce a more creamy solution than standard lime and is easier to apply with roller or brush, without dripping or running.


This product contains 600g of premixed mineral silicate powder which is mixed with 800ml of water to produce approximately 1 litre of white washing solution. At maximum strength (600g mixed with 800ml of water), approximate coverage is 5 sq. metres for masonry of average porosity but can be as great as 14 sq. metres for hard dense masonry. Mineral white wash can also be diluted to produce a translucent white wash. The coverage of diluted white wash is greater than the coverage of undiluted white wash.


For producing a translucent white wash the standard mixture of 600g mixed with 800mL of water can be further diluted with additional water. Common ratios are 1:4 for a semi-translucent wash to 1:16 for a very translucent wash. Testing dilutions on the brick surface, starting with the most dilute, is good practise.




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