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Brick slips, brick facings, brick cladding, brick tiles

Brick slips, brick facings, brick tiles or brick thins, many names for the same thing. Essentially our brick tiles are a 22mm slice from the face of a full sized brick. This means that our brick tiles are real brick, made from fired clay, not a plastic fake. The other big advantages of our brick tiles include:

1. Fire retardant and water resistant - this is such an important characteristic, bricks are non-combustible making them the safe choice for any building unlike aluminium composite or wood panelling.

2. Being genuine handcrafted brick, they have that natural look that simply can't be replicated by faux varieties.

3. Termite proof, mould resistant, mildew resistant.

4. Do not crack or rot - totally weather resistant.

5. Lightweight and durable - a quarter the weight of a brick wall but hard and durable.

We offer brick tiles in all of our brick styles and also make brick tile corners, these are key to a professional looking job.

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