Inspiration can be found in many places. Our Parliament Collection are specifically modelled after a brick known as London Stock, a brick that is commonly found in London and South East England. Pock-marked, crinkled  and mottled with earthy hues, daubed grey or black by the smog of industrial London. This is the lineage that gives rise to our Parliament bricks.

Weathered Parliament


From $1950 per thousand

A sophisticated combination of cool toned hues, consisting of ambers, greys and shades of green. Topped with minor black clinkering and the waterstruck texture for a unique finish.


Great example of the autumnal colours of our Weathered Parliament brick.


Also available as brick facings!

Bricks facings or brick tiles are simply cut faces from the full sized brick, they are ideal for feature walls or applications where weight and/or space prevents the use of full size bricks.