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Patio, Driveway and Garden Paving

Bricks are perfect for paving applications as they have high compressive strength and are naturally slip resistant, even when wet. Unlike concrete pavers that have dull textures and monotonous colours, handmade bricks offer subtle texture and colour variations. Our bricks, being thick and durable, are perfect for many applications including:

  • Driveways
  • Garden Paths
  • Patios

Brick Paving Styles

Old Red Brick Paving
Our classic Sandstock Multi which is a unique blend of several of our sandstock brick varieties. Warm colours including orange, red and purples coupled with a light veneer of lime scumming. At 68mm thick these sandstock pavers will last decades.  Based on our standard sizes, approximately 43 bricks are required per square metre for paving applications.
Heritage Red Paving
Heritage Red Paving
Reclamation Style Paving
 Reclamation Red Paving
Farmhouse Style Paving
Farmhouse Paving
Sooted Red Paving
Sooted Red Paving

Brick Tile Paving

Bricks tile paving is a bit different to normal paving. Instead of using a full sized brick a brick tile (22mm thick) is used. Brick tile paving is essentially the same as using a ceramic tile. Our brick tiles can be used to tile outdoor patios in which a solid concrete slab is already present. To explore brick tile options click here.


Paving is relatively straight forward and an excellent guide is freely available. Installation can be done by professionals but is also an easy DIY job.

Want to know more?

You can check out the brick colours and styles we have by clicking here or for pricing click here. If you would like further information on how to design and lay paving just give us call or email us at