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The Classic Old Red Brick and Brick Tiles

Classic Old Red Bricks

One of our classic old red brick styles. This is a new brick made by traditional methods. Unlike reclaimed or recycled bricks you can build with confidence with this brick which meets all Australian standards. We know this as all of our bricks undergo extensive laboratory testing.

Like the look of the classic old red brick or brick tile. The old red brick has a long history starting with handmade convict bricks all the way to primitive extruded wirecut bricks. We offer a full range of "old red bricks" ranging from the most traditional sandstocks, smoother waterstruck varieties to primitive wirecuts. We offer these "old red bricks" in both a full sized brick, as a brick tile and in whatever quantity you need for your job.

Our difference is that our old red bricks are not reclaimed or recycled, they are brand new but made using traditional techniques that date to the 15th centuary. We take the time to make our "old reds" by hand, resulting in that traditional look that is lost in mass produced (faux/fake) varieties. The advantage of this approach is that you get an authentic brick that meet (in fact exceed) all Australian standards, do not suffer from salt damage, and are all face quality.

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Our Old Red Brick Range - Bricks, Brick Tiles & Pavers

The classic “old red brick” is loved for its rich and warm colours and natural beauty. We offer a range of “old red bricks”, all are hand crafted using traditional techniques, resulting in bricks with true character. As no single brick is the same, our old red bricks stand apart from mass produced varieties that try to replicate these traditional styles.

Old Red Brick

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Farmhouse Red Brick and Brick Tile

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Farmhouse Dark Brick and Brick Tile

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Farmhouse Blend Brick and Brick Tile

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Industrial Blend

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Old Red Brick Feature Walls

All of our old red brick styles are also available in a brick tile and brick tile corner allowing for the easy creation of brick feature walls. These tiles are made from a full sized red brick. Old red brick tile feature walls add colours and textures that will work as the focal point of your room. Most importantly, you don't need to expose an existing brick wall to achieve a red brick feature wall, brick tiles can be used and applied to any existing wall, including:

  • Masonry walls (e.g. besser brick, hebel) 
  • Rendered walls
  • Timber framed gyprock walls
  • Cement sheeted walls

This means red brick feature walls can created in any room and used in bathrooms or as kitchen backsplashes.

Interior feature wall with brick tiles


Old Red Brick Tile Flooring

Red brick tiles can also be used to tile a floor. Once again the process is essentially the same as laying ceramic floor tiles in which tile adhesive is used to glue brick tiles to a pre-existing solid floor.

Brick floor tiles


Old Red Brick Paving

Our range of old red bricks are great for paving having warmth and texture that can't be reproduced with concrete pavers. Our old red bricks are brand new and thus have the strength needed for paving applications while still having that old red brick look and feel. 

Old Red Brick Paving
Classic old red brick paving using a blend of our reclaimed soft red and weathered reclaimed soft red bricks. With a full sized brick size of 228mm x 68mm x 108mm, the thickness of these pavers means they will last decades.

Want to know more?

You can check out the brick tile colours and styles we have by clicking here. If you would like further information on how to design and build a brick tile wall or floor in your house just give us call or email us at