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Glazed Bricks and Brick Tiles

Elegance and style of glazed bricks and bricks tiles

Glazed Bricks and Brick Tiles provide an elegant and stylish option for residential and commercial interiors and exteriors. Each handcrafted brick or brick tile is created by our skilled brickmakers, before being coated in a specialist glaze and fired in the kilns, producing a softly undulating and tactile surface, forming the beautiful character of the product. These glazed bricks tiles are suitable for both walls and floors.

Glazed Brick Tiles


Distinctly Individual Glazed Bricks and Brick Tiles

Colour and Texture

What is unique about our glazed bricks and brick tiles is that the glazing can be combined with any of our textural brick varieties (sandstruck and waterstruck). This allows beautiful glazing to be combined with a strong textural element. The result is that each glazed brick or brick tile has a unique finish.

Glazed Teal Brick Tiles

We want to offer you total freedom in colour selection and offer glazed colours from Chrysanthos.

The combination of your choice of texture and colour results in a truly unique product. 

Rusted Orange Glazed Brick Tile

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