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Full Sized Bricks and Linear Bricks

Our brick range offers a suite of colours and textures that are unique to the traditional methods our brickmakers use. Our two major textural varieties, sandstruck and waterstruck, can also be combined with any paint colour to produce a strongly textured contemporary painted brick. All our bricks exceed Australian Standards for strength and durability, all our bricks are solid core and are perfect for exterior or interior projects.

Linear Bricks

Linear bricks were once widely used but fell out of favour with mass production and the standardisation of bricks. However, the use of linear bricks are becoming increasingly popular again as they offer a dramatically different look over standard size bricks. With a face size of 320mm x 50mm, they are very different from the traditional brick size of 230mm x 75mm. We offer linear bricks in a wide range of colours and styles.

Bespoke Bricks

We offer bricks in both imperial and metric sizes plus we can also create bespoke bricks for specific architectural or heritage applications. Furthermore, we offer a series of specialised bricks such as plinth stretchers, half round copings and blue headers.

Fire Safety

While bricks look fantastic, another important aspect of brick is fire safety. Recently many synthetic products used for building and cladding walls (e.g. plastics and aluminium composites) have been found to have fire safety issues. Genuine bricks, being made from fired clay are produced at temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees centigrade and are fire resistant to extremely high temperatures.

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