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Brick Pricing

Full Sized Bricks

Style Price / Brick Pallet Rate** Price / 1000
Volume Pricing Volume Pricing
Soft Red Sandstock $1.90

$1.70 per brick


($1.70 per brick)

Reclaimed Soft Red Sandstock $1.90

$1.70 per brick


($1.70 per brick)

All Other Styles $2.20

$1.85 per brick


($1.85 per brick)

Linear Bricks (All Styles) $5.00

$3.50 per brick


($3.50 per brick)

**Note: Pallets sizes vary between 504 to 648 bricks per pallet depending on brick style and size.

    Specialised Brick Pricing

    Sandstock Plinth Stretcher: $9.00 each

    Sandstock Half Round: $9.00 each

    Sandstock Soldier Brick: $9.00 each

    Blue Header Brick: $5.00 each

       All prices listed above are inclusive of GST, prices do not include delivery.

      Breakage of bricks and brick cladding within the pallets during transport is common. Please allow for upto 5% damage during transport which is outside of our control.