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Brick Paving Installation

 Installation of brick paving*

Standard paving techniques are employed when using our full sized bricks for paving. Again numerous online tutorials are available plus an excellent online guide is available from Think Brick.

When thinking about paving don't just limit yourself to the typical paving method in which the bed face (see below) is used. Using the stretcher face (again see below) often produces better looking results as it is the stretcher face which is designed to be the best looking surface of any brick.

  • For bed face paving, 43 bricks are required for every square metre.
  • For stretcher face paving, 65 bricks are required for every square metre (not normally done but looks dramatically different (i.e. pretty awesome)).


* As with all building work, advice should be sought from qualified professionals if you are unsure of any aspect of brick laying, cladding or paving.

 Think Brink
Think Brick is the Australian clay brick and paver manufacturers association and they have a large range of instructional manuals available covering all aspects of brick masonry. These manuals are freely available and can be downloaded from their website.