All the benefits of brick but in a cladding product. Our Canvas Clay Cladding product is made of 100% fired clay so just like brick is a durable and long lasting building product but has the classic look of weatherboard. Advantages of our Canvas Clay Cladding include:​

  • Unlike traditional cladding materials such as weatherboard, you never have to paint.

  • Fire retardant and water resistant - this is such an important characteristic, fired clay products are non-combustible making them the safe choice for any building unlike aluminium composite or wood panelling.

  • Termite proof, mould resistant, mildew resistant.

  • Do not crack or rot - totally weather resistant.

  • Lightweight (35kg per sq. m.) but hard and durable.

  • Fast and consequently cost effective installation.



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Size: 500mm (l) x 210mm (h) x 15mm (t)

Compressive Strength:

Water Absorption: < 8%

Weight: ~3.2kg per canvas piece / ~35kg per sq.  m.

Durability classification: Exposure Grade

Attaching Holes: 6 Countersunk Holes

Canvas Clay Tile Overlap: 

Canvas pieces per sq. m: 10